Greetings! We’ve been busy making some big changes at Swipelux to serve you better. Here’s a quick update on what’s new at Swipelux for the month of August. Dive in to discover the recent progress we’ve made in expanding our reach, refining our ecosystem, and forging beneficial partnerships.

Product Updates

  • Streamlined Product Exploration: We understand that easy navigation and clear product representation are crucial for our customers. Now all our products, including Token checkout, NFT checkout, and ZeroID, are now conveniently housed in the Products section on our website. Additionally, stay tuned for the One-step Wallet, which is on its way! This change ensures that users and partners can easily explore and understand our product range without any hassle.
  • Phone Number Update: Tailoring our approach to specific markets is key to effective outreach. We’ve transitioned our contact phone number from the US to EU, aligning with our concentrated efforts on the European market. This move allows us to better serve the European audience and cater to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Seamless Order Management: Feedback is invaluable, and our merchants expressed a need for more streamlined order processes. Upon completing an order, users will now see a “Create new order” button. Additionally, we’ve elevated the “Track your order” feature by providing a separate, dedicated link. Order management is now smoother, ensuring that merchants have a seamless experience when processing multiple orders.
  • Simplifying Payments: A swift and hassle-free payment process is essential for retaining user trust and satisfaction. We’ve implemented a system to detect the type of card and, as a result, eliminate the need for users to choose between Visa or Mastercard. By automating this step, we’ve accelerated the payment process and further simplified the user journey.
  • Prioritizing Communication: Ensuring that essential communications aren’t lost or misdirected is paramount. We’ve moved our payment-related emails to the domain. All other emails remain on This segregation ensures that critical payment notifications aren’t affected by any delivery issues related to marketing emails.
  • Enhancing Security: Protecting our platform and users from potential automated misuse is a top priority. We’ve integrated captcha for SMS requests, which will activate if there’s an unusual spike in SMS request volumes. This measure bolsters our platform’s security, ensuring that any bulk SMS requests are genuinely human-initiated.

Coverage Updates

  • 120+ Countries Supported Soon: To ensure that our solution remains relevant and user-friendly, we constantly evaluate market demands. We recognize the increasing need to cater to diverse markets and broaden our reach. We’re in the process of expanding our end-users acceptance jurisdictions. This extension will potentially cover more than 120 jurisdictions, spanning regional Europe, major Asian markets, Africa, and Latam. By embracing a broader user base, we are not just widening our coverage but also opening doors for our partners to tap into newer, vibrant markets. Updates on this expansion will be shared shortly. For existing coverage, please refer to our support blog: What countries do you support?

Ecosystem Updates

  • 15 New Tokens Listed: A robust ecosystem is crucial for any Fiat Onramp to shine. The more versatile our offerings, the better our partners can cater to their target audience. We’ve listed 15 new tokens. For details on the newly added tokens, kindly refer to our support page: List of Available Tokens. At the moment, 250+ cryptocurrencies are integrated into the Fiat Onramp widget.
  • Plus, if you ever find our fiat onramp widget missing any tokens necessary for your project, reach out to us! We’re committed to adding them exclusively for you.

Business Updates

  • Enhanced Business Procedure: Efficiency and clarity are paramount in business. We understand the value of your time and aim to make our processes as seamless as possible. We have revamped our Business Agreements, making them more concise and straight to the point. This change simplifies the partners’ onboarding process, ensuring that collaborations are set up faster, with mutual understanding right from the start.

Partnerships & Initiatives

  • Partnered with 8 companies: Our pursuit of growth is closely tied with forging strong partnerships and delivering more value to our ecosystem. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve established partnerships with 8 companies. These collaborations have been carefully curated to ensure alignment with our vision and the broader benefit of the community. Each new partnership amplifies the breadth and depth of Swipelux’s offerings. With these partnerships, we are enhancing our platform’s versatility, bringing forward a broader range of services, and providing more value to our partners and end-users.
  • Zero Fee Campaign: We’re always excited to launch our “Zero Fee Campaign” in collaboration with our partners. For a limited time, end-users have the opportunity to purchase crypto without any transaction fees when making their purchases through our partner’s platform. Recently, we had one such campaign with DeFi Kingdoms, which enabled end-users to buy $JEWEL or $CRYSTAL with their credit/debit cards without any transaction fees for a limited time.


  • Swipelux Blog: Transparency and knowledge sharing are critical components of our ethos. We believe in educating our community about our initiatives. We’ve integrated native blogs into our websites and rolled out blog posts and success stories:
  1. Introduction to Swipelux Payment Infrastructure for Web3
  2. How to Integrate Swipelux Fiat Onramp in Just 3 Steps
  3. How Swipelux Helped SeedOn Convert Users from Visitors to Token Holders by 15%

Our publications serve as a resource, offering insights into our processes, services, and the value we bring to partners. They reinforce our commitment to being a transparent and beneficial platform for all stakeholders.

Swipelux continues to innovate and grow, always with a keen focus on the utility and benefits for our users and partners. Stay tuned for more updates as we venture further into a collaborative and prosperous future.

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