Gaming as a business has seen significant growth over time, with new business models constantly emerging. One such model is “play-to-earn” crypto games, which have become the fastest-growing industry in the web3 space. These games reward players for participating in in-game activities with real-world money, such as fiat, tradeable tokens, or cryptocurrencies. While there are several play-to-earn games in the traditional gaming world, popular play-to-earn crypto games like Axie Infinity, DeFi Kingdoms, Sandbox, and Gods Unchained are gaining traction in the web3 space.

Meet: DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a cross-chain, play-to-earn game built on a strong DeFi protocol. The game features decentralized exchanges (DEXs), liquidity pool opportunities, and a market of rare, utility-driven NFTs. DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale is hosted on the DFK Chain, an Avalanche subnet, while DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale can be found on the Klaytn blockchain.

What Problem was DeFi Kingdoms facing?

DeFi Kingdoms, like many other play-to-earn projects, faced fiat onramp challenges when it came to onboarding web2 and web3 users into their platform in a frictionless manner.

One of the main challenges faced by DeFi Kingdoms was the difficulty for end-users, especially those new to crypto and NFTs, to buy JEWEL or CRYSTAL, the game’s native tokens. The entire crypto onramping process had a lot of friction, with users having to jump between different platforms to complete the purchase.

The challenges in the fiat to crypto onramp process for new users had a significant impact on DeFi Kingdoms’ business operations. The complex and time-consuming nature of buying traditional $JEWEL or $CRYSTAL tokens hindered potential players from joining the game, limiting its growth and revenue potential.

Finding a simple fiat onramp integration solution to the onboarding challenges was crucial for DeFi Kingdoms to attract and retain a larger user base. By making the process of buying $JEWEL or $CRYSTAL tokens more accessible and user-friendly, the game could unlock its full potential and become a leading player in the play-to-earn space.

How We Helped DeFi Kingdoms?

Swipelux’s Token Checkout solution was implemented by DeFi Kingdoms to address these onboarding challenges faced by the game. With Token Checkout, end-users can now directly buy $JEWEL or $CRYSTAL, using their credit/debit cards without ever leaving the game.

From a complex user onboarding:

  • Creating a MetaMask wallet
  • Registering on a crypto exchange
  • Buying $USDT
  • Transferring $USDT to metamask wallet
  • Swapping $USDT to $AVAX on KLAYTN or Avalanche chains
  • Finally, Swapping $AVAX to $JEWEL or $CRYSTAL

To a simple user onboarding:

  • Select the asset and enter the amount
  • Pass phone, email & KYC verification (one-time)
  • Submit wallet address (DFK chain)
  • Pay with a payment card (Visa/MasterCard)

The best part is — The entire process happens right on DeFi Kingdoms’ platform!


  • Increase in the volume by 600% using 0 fee & ruffle campaign
  • 26% conversion rate from Web2 to Web3 audience
  • On average increased a token volume by 6.7%/day

Why DeFi Kingdoms Has Chosen Us?

We are proud to be partners with Swipelux and chose collaborate with them for several reasons. First of all, they are innovators in this space. Like us, they are always searching for how to push the tech boundaries and create a better user experience. Second, they believe in the DFK game and it’s potential. To show this they have shown up in a big way by investing in us with their time, resources, and marketing efforts, Overall, Swipelux provides excellent service, cutting edge products, and has a solid team. Again, proud to their partner and bullish on our future together.

Sun Bear, Sr. Relationship Manager at Kingdom Studios (DeFi Kingdoms)

Here’s What The Community Says About Us


DeFi Kingdoms’s success story is a testament to the growing popularity and potential of the play-to-earn industry. By addressing the onboarding challenges faced by the game, Swipelux played a small role in helping DeFi Kingdoms achieve its goals and become a leading player in the space.

We would like to express our gratitude to DeFi Kingdoms for trusting us with their onboarding challenges and collaborating in sharing their success story. We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting the growth of the play-to-earn industry.

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