Swipelux and Concordium are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership aimed at bridging the gap between traditional finance and the evolving digital asset world. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step towards facilitating seamless access to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for individuals worldwide.

About Swipelux

Swipelux simplifies buying cryptocurrencies and NFTs for everyone, supporting Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfer payments. It handles KYC, AML, and chargebacks, making it straightforward for users to directly acquire digital assets. Swipelux is designed for ease of use, encouraging more people to explore the crypto world by offering a user-friendly platform. Additionally, its Zeroid product streamlines web3 identity checks, enhancing security and access to decentralized apps. Swipelux aims to make entering the digital currency space effortless and secure for all users.

About Concordium

Concordium stands committed to fostering a safer digital future, leveraging blockchain technology to emphasize trust, privacy, and safety. Its identity-centric Layer 1 blockchain is designed for regulatory compliance, offering privacy-preserving solutions within an energy-efficient framework. Concordium's ecosystem is built on a foundation of open-source, patent-free research, promoting innovation across diverse sectors including Web3, AI, and DeFi. The platform's unique features include built-in ID-layer, wallet interoperability and a regulation-ready framework, designed to catalyze participation and support a broad spectrum of applications, from DeFi to enterprise solutions.

The Partnership

This partnership marks the inauguration of Swipelux as the first OnRamp service provider on the Concordium platform, that enables the purchase of $CCD (Concordium's native token) and $EUROe with fiat currency via payment cards or bank transfers. This initiative extends Swipelux's support to over 120 countries, thereby significantly enhancing the accessibility of $CCD and $EUROe tokens to a global audience.

How Concordium Benefits from Choosing Swipelux

Concordium Foundation is delighted that Swipelux are providing full support for both the native token, $CCD and CIS2, the token standard used by all projects developing on Concordium.

$CCD, the utility token of the network, used to ensure the security of the network through various staking incentives. $CCD owners participate in the governance of the project and can look forward to voting in the members of the Governance Committee in May of this year.

$EUROe, the native stable coin of the ecosystem, connects the entire Eurozone economy into Web3. Projects enjoy a 1:1 connection with the Euro, using this as the payment for their services and products.

Swipelux facilitates the purchase of $EUROe, based on the Concordium CIS2 smart contract standard.

$EUROe underpins the CIS2 ecosystem, and Swipelux can be used by any other project building using the standard.

Their investment is key to building a vibrant ecosystem.

How to Buy $CCD / $EUROe via Swipelux

Purchasing $CCD or $EUROe tokens through Swipelux is designed to be a straightforward process:

  1. Visit Concordium's Website: 

Start by navigating to the Concordium website. Locate the $CCD section and scroll down to find the Swipelux option.

  1. Engage with Swipelux Widget: Upon selecting Swipelux, you'll be presented with a widget. Here, you can specify the amount of $CCD or $EUROe you wish to buy in fiat currency.
  1. Verification and Payment: After determining your purchase amount, a simple verification process follows. You'll then enter the wallet address where you want your $CCD / $EUROe tokens deposited. Finally, complete your purchase using your preferred payment method, be it a payment card or bank transfer.

This partnership between Swipelux and Concordium represents a significant milestone in making blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies more accessible to the global population. By simplifying the process of purchasing digital assets with fiat currencies, both entities are paving the way for greater adoption and integration of blockchain technology into everyday life.

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