Addressing the authenticity challenges of airdrops and giveaways in the digital landscape, Swipelux introduced a Loyalty Program to ensure rewards are fairly distributed to real users, setting new standards in promotional campaigns.

About Swipelux:

Swipelux makes buying cryptocurrencies and NFTs straightforward for everyone, accepting Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfers. It simplifies KYC, AML, and handles chargebacks, allowing users to directly purchase digital assets. The platform is user-friendly, encouraging more individuals to explore crypto. Swipelux's ZeroID enhances Web3 identity verification, securing access to decentralized applications and making digital currency access both effortless and secure.

About Arthera:

Arthera stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation, offering an EVM-compatible, PoS Layer-1 blockchain that emphasizes efficiency, scalability, and user accessibility. Designed to facilitate a seamless Web3 experience, Arthera eliminates gas fees and supports zero-balance transactions, making it an attractive platform for both users and developers. Its subscription model and commitment to reducing gas fee unpredictability are key to its mission of fostering Web3 mass adoption. Arthera's diverse services and user-friendly approach are tailored to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The Swipelux and Arthera Loyalty program:

The collaboration showcased the deployment of $20,000 in AA tokens through two engaging campaigns, aimed at increasing community engagement and rewarding participation:

  • First Campaign:some text
    • Reward Pool: $15,000 AA
    • Actions for Engagement:some text
      • Follow Arthera on social media.
      • Share, like, and tag friends in specific posts.
      • Join the Arthera Telegram group.
      • Claim a 3-month subscription on Arthera’s platform via provided links.
  • Second Campaign:some text
    • Reward Pool: $5,000 AA, focused on the Arthera ecosystem's game, Pixudi.
    • Actions for Engagement:some text
      • Follow Pixudi on social media.
      • Follow Arthera on social media.
      • Engage with the Pixudi game.

Underlying Technology:

ZeroID, a pioneering digital identity passport, emerged from collaboration with over 1,000 projects, marrying user convenience with top-notch security. Leveraging ZK proofs and Soul-Bound Tokens, it ensures asset ownership verification while maintaining user privacy, revolutionizing KYC processes in the Web3 space.

Impressive Results:

The partnership achieved significant milestones:

  • Over $20,000 in rewards
  • Engagement from over 10,000 users
  • 300 lucky winners

This success not only underscores the Swipelux Loyalty Program's effectiveness in fostering genuine engagement, but also highlights Arthera's scalable and user-focused blockchain technology.

Value driven:

The campaign was driven by proof of uniqueness, where each of the participants could participate only once. This allowed Arthera users to enjoy fair participation opportunities and a fair distribution of the rewards.

Launch Your Campaign with Swipelux:

Ready to transform how you engage and reward your community? Swipelux invites Web3 founders to discover our Loyalty Program's potential. With innovations like ZeroID, your campaigns can reach new heights of fairness and engagement. Join us to redefine Web3 promotions. Contact Swipelux to start your campaign and become a success story alongside Arthera.

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