Welcome to the revolutionary ZeroID Loyalty Program, the future of loyalty initiatives in the Web3 space. Our program is uniquely designed to ensure that rewards are distributed to real users only, effectively eliminating the common problem of fake accounts and duplicates.

The Efficiency of Asset Utilization:

Companies participating in the ZeroID Loyalty Program benefit from the efficient utilization of assets. Instead of rewards going to fake accounts, our Proof of Uniqueness verification ensures that real users receive them, maximizing your investment’s impact and fostering genuine customer relationships.

A Weekly Bounty of Opportunities:

Our platform is dynamic, regularly featuring new companies and diverse reward pools. This constant flow of opportunities keeps users engaged, always offering something fresh and exciting.

Ease of Access for Users:

For end-users, the ZeroID Loyalty Program is a game-changer. Verify your uniqueness once, and access all future rewards without the need for repeated verifications. This simplifies the process, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

How It Works:

  • Social media announcements from Swipelux and the participating company, directing users to our landing page.
  • Utilization of our newsletter of end-users and Web3 brands that are reaching nearly 20,000 users
  • Users follow the required steps, with the final step being the ZeroID verification.
  • Winners are selected by Swipelux loyalty program algorithm, and rewards are distributed to the winners.

Example Campaign:

Imagine a campaign similar to one we ran with a company from Web3 industry. The call to action (CTA) involved liking a tweet, following the company on social media, and registering on their platform. The reward pool was 50,000 of their tokens, distributed among 500 participants, amounting to a total of $7,500. This is a glimpse of what partnering with ZeroID Loyalty Program can offer.

Launching Giveaways and AirDrops with ZeroID:

We warmly invite companies to join us in this innovative endeavor. Not only can you deploy your reward pools on our user-friendly landing page, but you also have the opportunity to apply for the loyalty program. Engage with a broad audience and see your rewards reach the hands of genuine users. Companies interested in collaborating can easily apply by filling out this form: Swipelux Typeform Application.

Join us in this innovative journey. The ZeroID Loyalty Program is a gateway to authentic and rewarding experiences for both companies and users. Explore this new realm of possibilities and be part of a community that values real interactions. Visit our ZeroID Loyalty Program website now and embark on this exciting venture!

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