Transitioning to Web3

Web3 is like the new version of the internet, and it works in a different way from the old Web 2.0. It’s more equitable, public, and transparent. Web3 uses smart tech like AI and blockchain to share information and give you stuff you like. It’s a way to connect better with everything online. You can even own your things and get rewards for using the internet. We’re just starting with Web3, and it’s going to make the internet even cooler in the future.

For many businesses, the transition from Web2 to Web3 has been puzzling with complexities such as development challenges, licensing, AML, KYC, and bank account complications. The barriers to entry for Web2 users can be considerable, creating a need for a seamless fiat to crypto onramp solution.

Swipelux is that very solution, meticulously designed to ease the journey for both businesses and end-users. With a commitment to become the best fiat onramp for crypto, Swipelux eliminates these challenges, offering a fast, secure, and flexible widget.

Present in 40+ countries across Europe and South-east Asia, Swipelux has become a trusted partner as a fiat onramp for leading crypto projects, recognized for its commitment to safety and fraud prevention.

Features of Swipelux

Fiat-to-Crypto Payment Gateway Widget

  1. Supported Cryptocurrencies: Swipelux offers businesses a powerful crypto onramp, which already comes with the integration of 250+ cryptocurrencies to buy using credit/debit cards (Visa/Mastercard).
  2. Supported Countries: Extensive reach in over 40+ countries ensures a broad audience. We’re constantly working to enable the support of more countries. Full list can be found HERE.
  3. Compliance: Swipelux is a regulated company with robust adherence to AML, KYC, Licenses, and banking regulations.

In-depth Look into the Widget

  1. Speed and Flexibility: Swipelux’s fiat on ramp is designed for quick transactions, and is adaptive to all devices (mobile, iPad, Desktop)
  2. Safety Measures: Enhanced security protocols are in place to protect user information and prevent fraud. We have obtained Level 2 certification for PCI/DSS. Also, we take care of the KYC verification and everything that is required by Law.
  3. Integration into Exchanges, Wallets, Defi, and NFT Marketplaces: Extensive compatibility with various platforms allows businesses to tap into diverse markets. With just few lines of codes, Swipelux’s crypto on ramps could be integrated into most of the Web3 dApps. Check out the documentation HERE.

Advantages of Swipelux

Ease of Bringing Users into the Crypto Space

One of the biggest challenges for businesses looking to integrate crypto payments is the fiat onramp process for end-users. Swipelux simplifies this process, creating an effortless transition for users. With just three lines of code on the web with ShadowDom or a link, businesses can integrate Swipelux into their platform. iOS and Android apps are also supported, making it easy for businesses to reach a wider audience.

Comprehensive Support for Legal and Banking Challenges

Another challenge for businesses looking to integrate best fiat onramp is the legal and banking aspects. Swipelux handles these challenges with precision, offering compliance and a wide banking network. This ensures that businesses can offer a seamless payment experience to their users without worrying about legal or financial issues.

Trusted by Leading Companies

Swipelux is already trusted by many successful crypto businesses that rely on its powerful fiat onramp integration. This includes DeFi Kingdoms, Biconomy, IOTEX, etc. This is a testament to the reliability and effectiveness of Swipelux’s fiat to crypto onramp.

Expansion Capabilities and Engagement for Innovative Projects

Swipelux offers businesses the opportunity to reach wider audiences, fostering growth and innovation. With its expansion capabilities and engagement for innovative projects, Swipelux can help businesses expand their reach and offer new and exciting payment solutions to their users.

Benefits of Choosing Swipelux

Seamless User Engagement

  • Swipelux simplifies the onramp fiat to crypto process, making it easy for businesses to onboard their users into the crypto space.
  • Swipelux offers a seamless payment experience to end-users, ensuring that businesses can offer a seamless payment experience to their users.
  • Swipelux’s seamless user engagement leads to increased user satisfaction and loyalty. Also, it helps businesses attract new users and expand their customer base.

Higher Revenue Opportunities

  • Swipelux’s access to broader markets leads to increased revenue streams for businesses.
  • Swipelux’s ability to reach a wider audience enables businesses to tap into new revenue streams and grow their business.
  • Swipelux’s higher revenue opportunities can help businesses expand their operations and reach new markets.

Simplified Development Process

  • Swipelux handles the complexities, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies.
  • Swipelux’s simplified development process can help businesses save time and resources.
  • Swipelux’s simplified development process can help businesses achieve their goals more efficiently, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition.

User Interface and Experience

Overview of the Interface Design

Businesses often struggle with complex and unintuitive fiat to crypto onramp interfaces, leading to poor user experience and lower conversion rates. This can be frustrating for businesses as they want to provide their users with a seamless and satisfying payment experience via crypto on-ramp.

Swipelux’s fiat onramp is intuitively designed for ease of use and a satisfying user experience. The interface is user-friendly, ensuring that businesses can offer a seamless payment experience to their users.

Usability and Accessibility

Many payment gateway widgets lack accessibility features and have a steep learning curve, making it difficult for all users to navigate and complete transactions. This can exclude certain users, such as those with disabilities, from accessing and using the payment gateway, limiting the potential customer base for businesses.

Swipelux prioritizes accessibility features and usability to accommodate all users. It ensures that the payment gateway is accessible to users with disabilities and offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand.

Integration Examples with Different Platforms

Integrating a crypto on ramp widget into various platforms can be challenging and time-consuming for businesses. This can delay the implementation of a crypto onramp solution and hinder businesses from offering a seamless payment experience to their users.

Swipelux provides examples of integration across various platforms, showcasing its adaptability. It offers a flexible solution that can be easily integrated into websites, crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, DeFi platforms, and NFT marketplaces. This allows businesses to quickly and efficiently implement Swipelux’s fiat onramp into their preferred platform.

User Feedback and Real-life Success Stories

We chose Swipelux as our online payment provider because of their impeccable reputation for security and reliability. In our industry, it’s crucial to have a partner who ensures smooth, seamless transactions while prioritizing customer data protection. Swipelux delivered on these expectations and more. Their innovation, exceptional customer service, and easy-to-use interface make online payments a breeze for our customers, enabling us to focus on delivering the best fitness solutions. Collaborating with Swipelux has undeniably bolstered our digital footprint and customer trust.

Ferhat Kacmaz, CEO & Founder at FitBurn

We were searching for a quick setup of FIAT payments and found that Swipelux has a proper service and price balance.

Eduard Melman, Cheif Officer at Lympo

And many more…


Swipelux is here to simplify the fiat onramp process and make the Web3 space accessible to everyone. Want to grow your Web3 business and make things simple for your end-users? Swipelux is the way to go. For fiat onramp integration opportunities, please send an email to Let’s build together!

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