The world of Web3 is rapidly changing, and Web3 companies are at the forefront of this revolution. However, many Web3 projects are facing challenges when it comes to onboarding Web2 and Web3 users into their projects, especially when it comes to fiat onramps. Today, we will explore the success story of SeedOn, a blockchain-based Fintech platform, and how Swipelux helped them overcome their fiat to crypto onramp challenges.

Meet SeedOn: Web3 Fintech Platform

SeedOn is a blockchain-based Fintech platform that aims to revolutionize the way businesses access funding and investors diversify their investments. Their mission is to provide a transparent and secure ecosystem that reduces investment risks, promotes transaction transparency, and empowers businesses to access alternative sources of funding. SeedOn operates in the Fintech industry, aiming to revolutionize conventional platforms by providing a transparent and secure ecosystem. Their target market includes businesses seeking alternative funding sources and investors looking to diversify their investments.

What Problems Was SeedOn Facing?

SeedOn faced specific challenges when it came to onboarding end-users who were new to crypto. These users found it difficult to buy $SEON tokens since the entire process without fiat to crypto onramp had a lot of friction, which meant jumping between different platforms.

This involved 7 steps complex onboarding flow:

  1. Setup a MetaMask wallet
  2. Register on a centralized exchange
  3. Buy $USDT on exchange
  4. Exchange for $SEON tokens.
  5. Send it to MetaMask wallet
  6. Go to SeedOn’s platform

These fiat onramp challenges impacted SeedOn's business operations, and it was essential to find a best fiat onramp for crypto to overcome them.

How We Helped SeedOn?

Swipelux's Token Checkout solution was the perfect solution for SeedOn's fiat onramp challenges. With Swipelux's fiat onramp integration, end-users can now directly buy $SEON using their credit/debit without leaving the platform.

Now, SeedOn now has a simple onboarding flow:

  1. Go the SeedOn’s platform to buy $SEON tokens.
  2. Enter the amount
  3. Pass phone, email & KYC verification (one-time)
  4. Submit the wallet address (or instantly create one on the same page)
  5. Pay with a card (Visa/Mastercard)

Swipelux is an end-to-end onboarding tools stack, offering fiat to tokens on-ramp, fiat to NFT payment rails, a One-step wallet created by gmail, and ZeroID - Digital Identity Solution. These key features and benefits of the solution helped SeedOn overcome their onboarding challenges and provide a frictionless experience to their end-users with fiat to crypto onramp.


  • Increased Token Holder: 15% conversion rate from visitor to token holder
  • Boosted Volume: 113% increase in volume using 0 fee campaign
  • Increase in Global Volume: 16% increase in the total volume of the token

Key Takeaways

Swipelux's onramp fiat to crypto helped SeedOn overcome their fiat onramp challenges and provide a frictionless experience to their end-users. This success story is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the Web3 space. We encourage potential Web3 Companies/dApps to explore Swipelux's fiat onramp integration along with a comprehensive Web3 Onboarding Solution.


SeedOn's success story is inspiring, and we are proud to have played a small role in their journey, as a fiat to crypto onramp provider. We appreciate SeedOn's trust and collaboration in sharing their story. At Swipelux, we are committed to helping Web3 companies overcome their onboarding (onramp fiat to crypto) challenges and providing a seamless experience to their end-users.

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