Hello to our esteemed community! Another bustling month has passed, and we are here with our latest updates for September. Swipelux never ceases to grow, innovate, and optimize, ensuring our partners and users reap the best of our efforts. Dive in to learn more about our new additions, integrations, and milestones reached.

In this Company updates, we will review:

  • Product updates
  • Swipelux ecosystem updates
  • New partners & campaigns
  • The success story of Swipelux and DeFi Kingdoms


On-Ramp Features and other Updates:

  • New Liquidity Provider: Our continued commitment to offer the best has led us to integrate with Gate.io, further enhancing our liquidity sources.
  • Coin Updates: We've revamped and updated our website with the latest information on all coins available at Swipelux.
  • Enhanced DEX liquidity sourcing: We can now list a coin within 24 hours, further expanding our offerings and versatility.
  • Instant Metamask Login: For a seamless user experience, we've introduced an instant Metamask login feature.
  • On-site Blogs: Get insights, tips, and the latest news with our on-site blogs on Swipelux.

Widget Enhancements:

  • Whitelabel Widget: Our widget now supports customization to the fullest extent. Add your logo, modify texts - make it truly yours!
  • AML/KYC Processes: For a secure and trustworthy ecosystem, we’ve further enhanced our AML/KYC processes, safeguarding both our users and partners.

ZERO-ID Launch:

  • Landing Page: Introducing our freshly designed landing page for ZERO-ID, providing all the necessary information in a visually appealing manner. You can find it here.
  • Product Launch: We are thrilled to announce the launch of our ZERO-ID product. Your digital identity is now ready to be minted!

Ecosystem update

  • Fiat Inclusions: Furthering our goal to cater to a global audience, we've added 74 more conversion fiat currencies to our ecosystem.
  • Re-approval by FIU: Testament to our stringent standards and dedication to regulatory compliance, we've been re-approved by FIU.
  • New Token Listings: Keeping our offerings fresh and in-line with market demand, we've listed 6 new tokens.


  • Welcoming New Clients: Our community is growing, and we're ecstatic to introduce our new partners: Kryll, Balance Network, Add3.io, MirrorWorld, KeyCoin, and Impros.

Exciting Campaigns:

  • AdvantisAI Zero Fee Campaign: From 21.9 to 28.9, users enjoyed zero fees courtesy of our partnership with AdvantisAI.
  • FitBurn Zero Fee Campaign: From 5.9 to 12.9, another opportunity to transact without any fees was given to the user, thanks to our collaboration with FitBurn.

Swipelux celebration!

  • DFK Success Story: Learn more about how Swipelux played a pivotal role in the success story of DeFi Kingdoms. Read the full story here.

Celebrating Community Growth: A huge shoutout to our community! We've reached a new milestone of 2000 followers on LinkedIn.

To wrap up, the month of September has seen numerous enhancements, collaborations, and milestones. At Swipelux, our aim is to offer the best, and every update we roll out is a testament to this commitment. Stay connected for more exciting updates as we steer into another month of innovation and growth.

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